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About Jimmy Carter:

Some make their name in front of the mike or camera . . . others do it as a producer, writer or technician. Jimmy Carter has done them all! Jimmy's life can best be described as someone who's been sitting on the front row. From covering Presidents to Hollywood stars and lots of things in between.

Since 1968, at age 15, when he started his on-the-job training at his favorite rock radio station, Carter has taken in firsthand knowledge of what it takes to make a successful radio and television show, from his first radio documentary on the Beatles in '68 to his Emmy award-winning work as Executive Producer of one of the nation's most honored television stations, WSMV-TV Nashville. Carter has worked as a street reporter covering civil rights, hurricanes and controversial politics in his home state of Alabama; as a UPI award-winning television news producer at NBC's Birmingham station; and as producer of "The Scene at Six" on WSM-TV, a winner of virtually every award given to a TV news department (including the coveted Dupont Columbia and Edward R. Murrow). As Executive Producer at CBS's Houston station, his work included coverage of everything from NASA to major airline crashes, to exciting Texas politics.

Jimmy Carter's Nashville credits include an Emmy for his public service TV work and multiple Emmy nominations for his news, children's, sports and public affairs specials. He was the recipient of an IRIS award for his special on the celebrated Iroquois Steeplechase. His affiliation with Barbara Mandrell productions as a writer/producer brought about two of the highest rated specials in The Nashville Networks history.

While maintaining his producing and writing, his work covering Hollywood for the Crook and Chase/Weekend and Weekday shows has taken him all over the world, from James Bond premieres in London to the Academy Awards in Hollywood. Jimmy has interviewed every major film star of the last 20 years . . . Eastwood, Connery, Lemmon, Redford, Costner, Stallone and hundreds of others! His association with all of the country stars of the last 20 years gives him firsthand, in-person knowledge of what the stars are doing. Carter is with them, watching them, covering them on a daily basis.

Jimmy Carter has been recognized by Who's Who in America and Who's Who in Entertainment and, if all this isn't enough, was most recently honored by Who's Who among America's Teachers, an honor only given to the top 5% of all teachers. Somehow, he finds time to teach two very well respected classes in the Mike Curb School of Music Business at Nashville's Belmont University. The top music executives, publishers, managers and performers all speak in Carter's classes and seminars.

There is no substitute for experience! Jimmy Carter loves Nashville, Hollywood and New York. You'll get the scoop from someone who really knows. Great broadcast names like WSM, NBC, ABC, CBS, TNN and the BBC/Scotland all appear on his resume.

Jimmy was born at St Margaret's Hospital in Montgomery Alabama, October 15,1952. His dad was a successful lawyer and judge in Montgomery. His mom says he was a handful." Jimmy go outside and pull a switch " If you never heard that from your mom you don't know what you missed! Two brothers who were a good bit older, Harold & David and five years later a little sister, Kathy. Lots of Aunts and Uncles. Jimmy lived in Montgomery until college but vacationed around the United States with his parents getting to see the East and west coast and points in between in what people did in the late 50's and early 60's car trips like in the movie Vacation. Florida was on those trips too.

The exposure to the rest of the US made the tall skinny Montgomery boy want to keep visiting the sites and he has never stopped. His best pals then are still his best pals. Steve Van Gilder from his 11th grade rock band.. Ben Glass from kindergarten. After high school where he got Wittiest in his Senior Class, Jimmy choose Auburn University because they were developing a campus radio station. From day one he was there physically naming and helping to build what was to become WEGL-FM. From there on the primetime early evening shift it was on to other radio jobs and a lucky gig with ABC TV Sports. Working as a runner then graphics artist and general assistant ,The Wide World of Sports ruined Jimmy forever. Once you go there you never want anything else but a life in broadcasting. Even got to work in the booth with Howard Cosell.

Reporting on TV or radio or both, Jimmy has never stopped talking. Meeting the stars has been part of the job all the way from his first star interview with Bob Hope to singing on stage with Peter Noone's Herman Hermits to meeting Elvis twice and eventually getting to take a bath in Graceland. These stories will have to be put together in a book. So stay tuned for that. The Title? See what you think of this: I got Naked in Graceland and other True Show Biz stories by Jimmy Carter. Well? Does that make you want to read it?
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